Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dash cam video shows "Star Wars" actor's police chase

While I really don't bode any ill will toward the guy, and even though he's shun'd the SW community, he's still human, and still needs help and sympathy, especially if the reports are true he's also schizophrenic.  I can't imagine watching this video and thinking what is going through his head, when it was just a routine stop, and just because he didn't have his wallet/id he bolted.  I mean, what did he think the outcome was going to be?

Maybe he did think Sebulba was right behind him, and that the Space Angel was waiting for him at the finish?  Anywho here is the dashcam video showing "*Star Wars*" actor's police chase. Police dash cam video shows the high speed pursuit of "The Phantom Menace" actor Jake ... (click to read more)

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